Harold and Grace Sanford - Their Lives Were Music


The Composers


Grace had majored in composition at Juilliard School of Music.

Her works The Presentation, Romanza & October Noon were featured on
 central Florida radio station as part of a 13 week series during the 
1976 bicentennial celebration.

Harold also was a Juilliard graduate, I’m assuming he also studied composition as well.

We have located more works of Harold and Grace. 
Looking forward to adding the manuscripts to this site in the up coming months.


Pictures,  Personal Papers.


The Composers

Harold's Songs

Newly Discovered Works of The Sanfords

"The Presentation"







The  Composers

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Program Featuring 
Grace Krick's 
Legende & Peace


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Lecture Recital
Feb. 12, 1933
Their Works

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"To Ruth"
(A Blind Pianist)
Solo for Mezzo-Soprano
(in B)
Elta Handte Blanchard

The Words to 
The Night was Gone

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To Ruth
April 4, 1935
To Ruth
April 27, 1935

Ruth was a personal friend  to both Elta & Grace

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November 11, 1953
a1.JPG (53526 bytes) Grace pictured with good friend 
& Poet
Elta Handte
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Taken in 1956

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 October Noon Performed
   at the 
Concert Series
March 13,1972

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Quartet for String in b Minor

May 20, 1978

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Visit with Friend
Albin Polasek

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Missing Works
Harold & Grace

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pam contest1.JPG (75113 bytes) pam contest5.JPG (71040 bytes) The Presentation
lso won
However paperwork
of Women 
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Harold's Parade of American Music
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Harold's Songs


Compositions include several songs, both secular and sacred; A Choral Service, for unaccompanied voices; Romance, and Scherzo, for piano and organ; arrangements for two pianos of the “Polka and Fugue” from “Schwanda”, by Weinberger. Also obbligato and parts for brass, strings piano and organ, etc. for various works for various works of other composers.

All of these have had performance in various places as occasion demanded.

New Works

Secular Songs Night
My Star
The Secret
Choral Night (Mixed + Women's Voices)
Piano Romance
Sacred Solo In the Woods
Choral Rejoice Today
Hearts at Xmas
A Song of Praise
Organ Prelude on "Leoni"
Arrangement Polka and Ingue Schwanda

From a handwritten paper of Harold's

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Newly Discovered Works of The Sanfords
These works are in Manuscript Form


To Ruth

Improvisation for Piano

October Noon

Song of Childhood



Song of the Volunteers

Things Not Seen

Romanza for Cello and Piano

We Didn't Know The Song
(Our Steps Were Wrong)

I Met God in the Morning

No Candle was there & No Fire



For Snow

My Star


The Secret




The Presentation

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Grace's Handwriting Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

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Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

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Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14
We would like to thank Jan Struthes for the use of her poem in this piece.