Harold and Grace Sanford - Their Lives Were Music


Grace at Oberlin College

Grace received her bachelor degree and a Master of Music degree from 
Oberlin College on June 19, 1928, where she studied voice and piano
 with Rubin Goldmark and Anne Shoen-Rene.

 Oberlin scrapbook - see all the interesting articles about the college, 
Grace's diploma, papers she wrote, photos of her friends and personal letters.

Come with Grace as she goes to Europe in the 1930's.

Oberlin is where Grace lost a gifted friend to suicide.

                                               The Grace Krick Sanford Memorial Scholarship
                                           will be given  at Oberlin College in 2005.



Oberlin Scrapbook

1930 Trip I

1930 Trip   II

1930 Trip III

Grace at Oberlin

Howard Thomas

Dr. George Whitfield Andrews



Grace at Oberlin

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Arrangements to Make 

Grace is ready for a Garden Party

From Charter Member

Grace  Krick
as Accompanist

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Grace in Middle
Better known as

Designing a Stage

Grace on Right

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Friends from College

Grace on Left

A Dancing 

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Grace in Sleeping Bag

Ninety Fifth 

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Member of
 Pi Kappa Lamda

Grace recognized for
Graduate Studies

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Ninety Fourth
H. C. King

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Masters of Music
June 19, 1928

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Grace and Friends


Cheesecake Photo

Grace rides

across this 

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Grace takes a Ride

Don't Think this Friend is Howard

Howard Thomas


From Grace's 1927 dairy she writes, " Parents don't think much of "Bill", he lacks in
social graces. Not a bridge player." He suffers from inferiority complex. I know he is not the
for me. I didn't want to hurt him.

Grace had already graduated and moved on to Union Theological Seminary.  When
Grace got the news of Bill's death in 1929.
I think she admired how gifted he was at the piano. His recital was scheduled the
day of the suicide.

I'm sure Grace was saddened by the news of his death.

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Howard L. Thomas

Grace's Boyfriend

News of the Suicide

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Howard on Right

Grace was Notify

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Letters "Howdy" would write Grace                     Last Letter

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To his Parents

Daddy's Letter