Harold and Grace Sanford - Their Lives Were Music


Family Pets


The 140 lb. New Foundland dog was 
Arthur E. Krick's
(Grace's Father)

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When Grace was growing up, there was her dog Rastus. He was a smart little dog. Grace brought him with her when she left home. Grace had Rastus until sometime after she and Harold moved to Florida.

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 & her Dog
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Happy Family Grace & Rastus
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Harold & Grace
Happy Family
Mother Sanford 
Grace & 
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Lucky was a cute black Cocker Spaniel. I'm sure this little dog gave The Sanfords new focus after the loss of Rastus. I'm sure he was spoiled.

They got Lucky in 1966 after their 3 month trip to Europe.

There was a medium size ceramic dog, they must have gotten after Lucky passed away. It looked just like Lucky. It had a place of honor near the fireplace next to Grace's favorite chair.

Lucky has his own place at the cemetery.

Harold and Grace had a parrot, some carnies and Harold raised 
tropical fish, not sure for how long.

No reported pets after Lucky.


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