Harold and Grace Sanford - Their Lives Were Music


The Union Theological Seminary


Harold received his Masters in Sacred Music in 1932. Grace later received her MSM and latin degrees in 1937. Both studied  sacred music under  the direction of  longtime head of UTS Clarence Dickinson. Both  Harold and Grace were an active part of the 
Chancel Choir. 

 Pictures, Diplomas and Programs


 Clarence Dickinson








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Recital for Piano & Organ

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Music Festival
In Honor of
Clarence Dickinson
May 18, 1935

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Grace Second Row, Second from Right

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April 21, 1936

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Harold Center Front, Grace Front Right

Harold Standing Right, Grace Second From Right

Standing Left -
Grace seated 
Right Front

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February 28, 1938

Order of Worship


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Grace's Latin

View Harold and Grace's Wedding at James Memorial Chapel