Harold and Grace Sanford - Their Lives Were Music


Wedding and Honeymoon





Grace Krick married Harold Sanford on June 6, 1931.

Her bridesmaids were her friends from college.

Grace’s wedding gown was as fashionable then, as it would

be today, long, flowing and beautiful !

Harold looked dapper in his tux. 

- A true love story -

Music brought them together and continued to be the 

thread that would bind them together for a lifetime.


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Marriage Certificate & Marriage License
Wedding Invitation
June 6th, 1931
The Bride - Grace
Oberlin Alumni Magazine Wedding Announcement
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Union Theological Seminary Wedding Announcement





Union Theological Seminary Wedding Announcement





Grace wore a beautiful rose beige gown with tan transparent lace with lace hat and gloves - She carried yellow tea roses, accompanied by her two brides-maids wearing dresses of peach and egg-shell with matching hats and nile green taffeta jackets carrying pink roses pictured with Matron of Honor Etta Blanchard (on right)

The groom - Harold in front, Grace's father Arthur E. Krick  next to Harold




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Grace and father of the bride
Grace and Harold second and third places from the right with wedding party
Mr. & Mrs Louis Harold Sanford
News article - Wedding Announcement
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News article - Wedding Announcement
News article - Wedding Announcement
Gifts and good wishes
Bridal party and place cards
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Grace and letter from grandmother Love
Drawing from a friend
Special letter from Japan
Cute musical card and Best Wishes
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Gifts and Best Wishes
First meal together



Harold and Grace’s scenic honeymoon included a trip to Washington D.C.  They viewed the monuments there. They stopped in Virginia. This is where they toured Mt. Mitchell, Mt. Vernon and adventured through the Endless Caverns.

Grace received best wishes and an invitation  from noted musician, writer, teacher and good friend, Mrs. Crosby Adams. Harold and Grace stayed with Juliette at her retreat in Montreat, North Carolina. Every summer she held classes for piano teachers. It is unclear if Harold and Grace took advantage of the classes on this trip.

From the tone of the letter –Juliette may have been an adopted or substitute mother for Grace. For more information on this great lady (Mrs. Crosby Adams) go to
  Wednesday Music Club.

The honeymoon comes to a close as they visit Niagara Falls in NYC. Harold and Grace enjoyed going to plays at the Radio City Music Hall. They saw ” Victoria Regina” with Helen Hayes and Vincent Price.

Harold and Grace arrived home to a dinner prepared in their honor.

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Harold and Grace leaving on their honeymoon
A place to stay while in Washington, DC.
Grace at the Monuments in DC.
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Mount Vernon
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Mrs. Adams invites Grace & Harold to come stay the night at her retreat in the mountains.

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Mr. & Mrs. Crosby Adams; Juliette was a well known Musician, Author, and Teacher. (Wednesday Music Club)
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Booklet of her North Carolina Retreat "Summer Classes for Piano Teachers" Rare views in & about Montreat & Ashesville
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A visit to Mount Michelle

A visit to the Endless Caverns

Join us at the Radio City Music Hall, New York City
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The Playbill 1931 "Victoria Regina" starring Helen Hayes and Vincent Price.
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All Aboard Niagrara Falls  The Falls in 1931
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Harold and Grace arrived home to a dinner prepared in their honor.

Visit The Union Theological Seminary  
 where the wedding took place.